Irish Coffee


Created by Irish chef Joseph Sheridan in 1942, the Irish Coffee was developed to soothe and revive the spirit of passengers on flights. The recipe soon made its way to the United States and has served as a staple cold weather cocktail ever since- with its simple base ingredients of Irish whiskey, coffee, brown sugar, and cream.
In the spirit of its inception, we have created our own signature Irish Coffee to soothe and revive the spirits of our guests during the difficult days of a New England winter. As an homage to its roots, we have incorporated 3 of the most recognizable Irish beverages in the country- Irish whiskey, Irish stout, and Irish cream.

Irish Coffee
Powers Whiskey, Guinness Simple, Baileys Whipped

Powers Whiskey is the most popular Irish whiskey sold in Ireland. Powers has a sweet character of caramel and butterscotch that works well with the coffee, as well as spice character of cinnamon and clove that tempers the sweetness of the Guinness simple.

Guinness Simple is prepared by heating Guinness with vanilla beans and reducing to half volume. Next, brown sugar is cooked into the liquid until it’s a syrup consistency.

Baileys Whipped is prepared by whisking Baileys, heavy cream, powdered sugar, and ground cinnamon. We whisk until the mixture thickens slightly, and float a layer on top of the cocktail. Finally, we finish with a touch of fresh ground nutmeg.

Escape the elements this winter and revive your spirits with the Grafton Street Irish coffee!


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